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Standard Kit - £4999 + VAT comprises:

Fully welded tubular space frame chassis ready to accept 1998 to 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa components.

Protech fully adjustable shock absorbers complete with coil over springs.

Front and rear wishbones complete with poly bushes, crush tubes & ball joints.

Rear uprights complete with hubs, bearings and brakes.

Alloy front uprights and hubs with radial brake caliper mount to accept Wilwood/Hi Spec/A.P. etc radial caliper

Rear alloy bulkhead, alloy centre console and alloy sheet for floor.

5 piece GRP set in the colour of your choice comprising: bonnet and 4 wings with mounting brackets (choice of styles)

Front grille

Alloy radiator pipes (for front mounted radiator).

Twin fuel tanks

Steering column (used)

Steering rack complete with trackrod ends.

Brake, clutch and accelerator pedals

Brake master cylinders and balance bar

Optional Extras


  • Standard Seats GRP black or to match body colour (pair bucket type) £190
  • Sports seats GRP black or to match body colour per pair £190
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust system including CAT £350
  • Stainless steel manifold £350
  • Full lighting set IVA O.K £199 or £299 with photon lights
  • MSA spec roll bar and bracing 48.3mm CDS) £199 (welded to chassis).
  • Powder coating to chassis and wishbones in choice of colours £299
  • Hi-Spec 4 pot brake calipers front £229
  • Hi-Spec 2 pot handbrake caliper rear £299
  • EBC green front brake pads £52
  • EBC green rear brake pads £27
  • Drilled and grooved brake disks £99
  • Quickrack steering rack kit £95
  • Front Aero wings £30 extra per pair as part of kit price or £80 aftermarket
  • Front Aeromax wings £60 extra per pair as part of kit price or £110 aftermarket
  • Infinitely variable camber adjusters on top and lower rear wishbones £199
  • Fully adjusable front aero wings grp finish £199
  • Fully adjustable rear aerofoil £299
  • Left hand drive chassis and steering rack supplement £99
  • Electric reverse (required for IVA tested road legal cars) £399
  • Quaife chain drive differential £1195
  • Quaife Reversing chain drive differential £1995
  • Custom driveshafts £395

  • All prices subject to 20.0 % VAT

    You will need to provide pipes, clips, rivets, screws, sealant & nuts & bolts but these can also be supplied at additional cost if requsted


Spectacular value at £9995 + VAT

Our "Kit in a box" is a one-stop-shop option for the Mevabusa builder requiring only the addition of the parts from your donor Hayabusa to complete a fully driveable car. It has been compiled to take the pain out of ordering parts from numerous different sources.

There are still numerous choices that can be made within this package such as opting for an electric reverse to simply allow your Mevabusa to be street legal or a Quaife reversing diff which will effectively allow you to go as fact in reverse as you can go forwards (not to be entirely recommended).

As a rule we will supply 15" Team Dynamics wheels with Yokohama road tyres, but there are choices to made within their range and if you wish to use alternative wheels, then we are more than happy to compile your package accordingly.

There are numerous ways to complete any kit car and each build will reflect the owner's desired usage and requirements. Trackday only cars do not require a reverse, so if you are not interested in road use then ignore this option.

The Quaife reversing diff is standard equipment on a Radical, however, unless you need to reverse uphill on a regular basis, the much cheaper electric option is fine for parallel parking and that all important IVA test.

If the Kit in a Box option appeals to you, then give us a call and we can help you to configure it so that you can build a Mevabusa that will be suitable for your own requirements.

Please look at the list on the right to see what is included in the Mevabusa Kit in a Box


Don't forget to sell your surplus parts on Ebay. You will be pleasantly surprised at the prices achieved by good quality used Hayabusa parts. It's possible to recover 50% of the price of your donor bike by carefully stripping it and advertising the parts during the bike season.

Alternative, there are numerous bike dismantlers who will break a bike for you supplying you with the parts that you require for the kit.


You will require from a 1998 to 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa, the engine and all it's ancilliaries, the wiring loom including the switchgear, the footbrake mastercylinder and the clocks. Alternative switchgear and clocks can be used as can later Hayabusa engines (up to 2013) but this will require additonal items to be bought such as an external fuel pump.




Fully Welded Chassis
Front & Rear Wishbones
Powder Coating to Chassis & Suspension
Double Hoop Roll Bar & Bracing
Stainless Steel Exhaust System With Sports Cat
Rear Uprights
Mounting Bracket for Wings x 4
Wing Stay Spacers

Infinitely Variable Camber Adjuster/Lower Rear Wbone Adj

Accelerator, Brake and Clutch Pedals
Gear Lever and Shifter Cable
Stainless Steel Swirl Pot for fuel system
Battery Support and Secondary Fuel Pump Brackets
Twin Aluminium Fuel Tanks
GRP Nosecone
Cycle Wings x 4 - See options
Seats x 2 (See Options)
Mev/ RTR Sticker
Rally Design Alloy Front Uprights
Alloy Front Hubs with Bearings
Rear Hubs and Bearings
Powerflex Poly suspension Bushes x 44
Engine mounting spacers
Suspension Crush Tubes x 22
Quaife 2.8 ratio Quick Rack Steering
Steering Column (used)
Steering Column Brackets
Chain Drive Differential - see options
Custom Driveshafts
Hi Spec 4 Pot Calipers (Front Pair)
Hi Spec 2 Pot Calipers  (Rear Pair)
Brake pads - see options
Rally Design XDG Front Brake Disks
Mtech Cross Drilled & Grooved Rear Brake Disks
Nut & Bolt Pack with rivets
Brake Master Cylinders and Balance Bar
Brake Fluid Reservoir
Venhill Stainless Steel Clutch Line
Venhill Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Handbrake Cables
M18 x 6 Lock Nuts
Front Top Drag Link x 2
Front Bottom Balljoints x 2 
Track Rod Ends x 2
Shock Absorbers x 4 
225lb Front Springs (Pair)
300lb Rear Springs (Pair)
Team Dynamics Alloy Wheels with Road Tyres
4 Point Sabelt Seatbelts
Silicone coolant hoses
Fuel hoses
Healtech FI Tuner Power commander
Healtech Speedo Healer
Healtech cable pack
Suede Rimmed Steering Wheel
Lighting kit
Wiring Loom
LED Sidelights  (One Pair)
Headlights (One Pair) - See Options
Alloy for Floor
Alloy Centre Tunnel
Alloy Mesh for Grille
Alloy Radiator Pipes
Alloy Rear Bulkhead

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