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Meet the team -

Paul – sales and marketing

Liam – production, manufacturing, R&D

Luke – welder fabricator & exhaust God

Pete – car builder and IVA expert

Nick – welder fabricator

Paul G - welder fabricator

Mick – GRP specialist

Norman - GRP laminator

Julie – webshop, admin and resident angel

Tiff Needell...

Road Track Race Ltd is a Mecca for car enthusiasts in the East Midlands and visitors are always more than welcome to visit and see what is happening within our workshops. At any one time you will witness a combination of RTR Rocket, RTR Atomic, RTR tR1ke, RTR Sonic 7, RTR Mevabusa and RTR Triabusa sports cars being built either for supply as kits or as completed turn key cars as well as custom exhausts/manifolds being fabricated for all cars and bespoke paintwork being carried out to everything from a Ford to a Ferrari or a Mazda to a Maserati.

At Road Track Race we have a well equipped 8000 sq/ft workshop that buzzes 6 days a week with the sound of RTR Rocket, RTR Atomic, Mevabusa, RTR tR1ke and RTR Sonic7 sports cars being readied for delivery either in component form or as fully built cars ready for the road, for track days or for full on racing.

The steel arrives as either tube or flat bar and is then manipulated and welded into a chassis for any one of our Exo-skeletal sports cars by our team of skilled engineers and fabricators.

We have 2 full time laminators and do all our prototyping and pattern making in house as well as production of all of the GRP and carbon fibre panels for our cars.

When Mick isn't making car panels for us he uses his skills on the intricacies of making fairground horses for some of Britains most famous showmen and their Merry-go-rounds.

All of our chassis are produced using a jig and over 100 of the brackets and fitting used across our range of chassis are laser-cut. This ensures accuracy, consistency and that components both fit easily and always perform as they should no matter what demands are placed on the finished vehicle.

Our chassis have been not only tested using computer simulated loads but also verified by real live tests. The Rocket for example has a torsional rigidity of over 2000nm of torque per degree of deflection.

Building bespoke vehicles is a very important part of what we do.

Here you see an RTR Rocket that we are building to a very high spec with a 2.0 litre Zetec engine that has been tuned by OMEX to develop over 200bhp at the crankshaft.

An RTR Rocket with this kind of power will crack 0-60 in under 4 seconds and top 140mph. As with all Rockets it will be equally at home on the road and track due to the fitment of fully adjustable suspension all round.


We have 6 workstations within the workshop each with it's own 2 poster ramp which gives us the flexibility to build several cars at a time.

Here a Hi-Ho-Silver powder coated chassis has been raised into the air to maximise the space aroound while we wait for another tuned Zetec engine to arrive from Omex for it's factory installation.


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