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Front Aerofoil. Available in Black GRP or half carbon. If this part is ordered with your kit it can be colored to match your GRP both in standard or half carbon finish. Complete with laser cut steel mounting bracket. click to enlarge image

£199 standard grp

£299 half carbon

Double hoop style roll hoop is fitted to all of our cars unless otherwise specified. This is an option as we have some customers that wish to fabricate their own design of roll bar. For 2012, all roll hoops are fitted with forward diagonal stays to reflect the style of those fitted to our race car.

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M.S.A. style roll bar made of 48.3mm seamless tube to comply with M.S.A. regulations. Not required for non competitive track days. Click here to enlarge
Road Track Race sports stainless steel manifold and catalytic converter for all 1.8 and 2.0 normally aspirated Zetec engines click here to enlarge
Road Track Race sports stainless steel Exhaust system for all 1.8 and 2.0 normally aspirated Zetec engines. This system (back box) fits onto both the RTR manifold/cat and the O.E. Ford manifold and cat. click to enlarge
Front grille bars for the nose of the Rocket. The grille bars need to be welded on during the fabrication of the chassis and cannot be retro fitted. Click image to enlarge

Our seats are made in house and in two widths. They offer extremely good lateral support and are suprisingly comfortable having been computer designed. The sports are 50mm narrower than the standard seats in the all important hip area. Sports seats are normally OK up to a 36" waist.

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£190.00 per pair

The infinitely variable camber adjusters are fitted to all four upper wishbones and save a great deal of time when adjusting front and rear camber
This set also includes the lower rear wishbones which have the same kind of adjuster for accurately setting the rear toe in. This option will save you a lot of time when setting up your Rocket for road or track

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£199.00 per set
Wings are very much a personal choice on a Rocket. Standard wings or bevel wings are inclusive in the Rocket price. The most popular combination is to have 2 Aero or Aeromax wings at the front and two standard wings at the rear. Bevel wings are supplied in sets of 4 and should not be mixed with other wings. Click to enlarge image

Aero wings
£30.00 per pair

Aeromax wings
£60.00 per pair