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The MEV Sonic 7

The “Sonic7” features a fully triangulated space frame chassis that weighs only 67kgs and the car has fully adjustable suspension so you can tune it to suit yourself. It’s a 1.8 Focus based kit with modern sharp styling that complements the company’s popular Rocket kit by having similar lines but more practicality.
A step by step easy to follow build guide takes you through construction.

The Sonic 7 roof kit comprises: laminated glass windscreen and frame, a rear screen with
polycarbonate window and a 3 part roof panel set.
Simple side windows can be DIY fabricated from either clear polycarbonate or
clear flexible plastic for easy stowage.
Click here for images of the roof kit fitted to a customer's Sonic 7.
Please see 'Kit Price' button for prices of roof kit.

MEV TRIKE kit price

MEV TRIKE turn key prices

MEV TRIKE Specification


If you find the exoskeletal looks of the Rocket a little too extreme but still like the idea of 21st century design and proven Ford Focus running gear, then the Sonic 7 is the car for you.

Kit prices are only £1999 for a 'Chassis Kit' and £3999 for a 'Standard Kit'.
Build time is estimated at 100 hours for someone with limited knowledge and minimal kit building experience. On the road prices will be a very reasonable sub £7,000 if you build one yourself. Weighing in at just under half a ton standard Focus power will give you a staggering 235 BHP per ton, which is more than enough to see off nearly all the production cars you are likely to meet at the lights.

Compared to a Lotus Elise with 156 BHP per ton and a Porsche Boxster with 187 BHP per ton the Sonic7 is a driving experience not to be missed.

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